We took a ride on a powerful speedboat from the base of the river to the falls. Racing up the rapids was a lot of fun on a boat with so much horsepower. At the top, the driver took us right underneath the falls, completely soaking everyone. There was a lot of squealing.
The Argentina side of the Iguazu falls has the Devil’s throat, an incredible roaring pit of water that shoots spray right up above the top, soaking all us tourists.
A late night tango club with impromptu lessons in Buenos Aires, where the audience was the show.
Four of us got together and hired a car for a road trip. We headed out to a town in the vineyards called Cafayate, passing some spectacular scenery on the way. The landscape looked like a foreign planet. In Cafayate we went to three different wine farms and tasted the delicious wares. On the way back, we blew a tire, almost ran out of petrol due to our own excessive confidence, and drove our way through a road block where protestors who were burning tires attacked our car, banging the roof and kicking the doors in.
Sometimes it’s nice to not travel for a bit. Especially on a long trip - the endless daily planning and constant changing scenery becomes exhausting. I found the ideal place to hang out - a free hostel in the middle of nowhere called Loki Salta, in Argentina. Surrounded by dirt roads, horses, cows and farms. Free, because they’re currently trying to sort out it’s several massive flaws. The pool was a swamp, the grass overgrown and it was hemorrhaging money.