We were really lucky to have clear weather on the last day, as it was raining the night before and there was a chance we wouldn’t be able to get out onto the Salar.
A hotel made of salt, a necropolis, coral rocks and about ten tornados that we watched form and dissipate from afar.
Searing hot steam pouring out the ground, red lakes, bubbling grey sludge - this is actually the moon.
Flamingos, bathing in the natural springs and the most bizarre scenery in the world.
From Tupiza we set off on a 3 night tour ending at the salt flats. Andrew, Szerdi and I had the back seats of the Toyota Landcruiser, with the cook and driver up front. It was definitely a good choice to pay a little extra to have the car all to ourselves - spending all day in it would be a nightmare without having enough space. Also, we were able to make in-jokes to our heart’s content, without worrying about pissing off other tourists.
Fruit ladies, llama and some gruesome cow faces in the market. Sucre is the actual capital of Bolivia (not La Paz), and is really chilled and clean in comparison.
The weird looking creatures are dried llama fetuses, found in the witch’s market. They are used to bless house construction, in a ceremony which involves burying one or more under the foundations. The city views are of La Paz from the top floor of a 5-star hotel. And finally, the kinda boring looking building with the ‘penitenciario’ busses outside is the infamous ‘San Pedro’ prison. If the guards had caught me taking this highly illegal photo, they would have smashed my camera into the tarmac and probably tried to drag me inside.
But we also saw spider monkeys, pink river dolphins, an anteater, capybara, alligator and porcupine. And loads of birds. The sloth was so active, and gave us a mini acrobatic show as it moved across to another tree. Adorable.