Cubans think that cabaret shows are still in vogue. Every hotel seems to have their own show, from the overpriced Tropicana, down to this saucy little joint that we visited. It was excellent value for $10, considering how well the dancers could shimmy, how heartfelt the Spanish love songs were, and how vividly the male g-strings defined their owner’s packages.
At the end of the exhibits in the Museo De La Revolutión, is a comically huge mural dedicated to the “cretins”, the enemies of the revolution. Next to each ridiculous caricature is a plaque thanking the cretin for their contribution. Batista “Thank you cretin for helping us make the revolution” Ronald Reagan “Thank you cretin for helping us strengthen the revolution” George W Bush “Thank you cretin for helping us make socialism irrevocable”
One of the highlights of Havana’s cultural circuit has to be the Museo de la Revolutión. It has plenty of propaganda-laden exhibits that explain everything about Cuba’s recent history, from the revolution to the creation of the socialist / communist system. It ends with gushing admiration for the amazing strides that have been made in recent history. A cursory glance out the window is all that’s needed to refute the lies.
Hiking out to a beautiful waterfall just outside of Trinidad. That boa constrictor was really chilled, but did start to get a little anxious in front of the camera after a while. We swam for at least an hour under the waterfall in the cool, clean pool.
The German boys enjoy our patio. The restoration committee is working hard to keep Trinidad looking the way it did hundreds of years ago.
Beach missions! Classic cars and Caribbean sea. Card games on the beach. A day trip with two friends to an ideal Caribbean beach. Classic cars pulled up to the edge of the sand and offloaded the umbrellas, coolers and kids.
Tried to get some long exposures, but with large tour groups, it’s never ideal.
The tobacco for this Cuban cigar was grown 50m from where I was seated in the farming family’s house. It was then dried on the property, and hand rolled as demonstrated above. The coffee beans were also grown on the family’s property, roasted in the crude wood-fired oven in the next room, ground and prepared with fresh natural water. It was the best cigar and coffee I’ve ever had.