Backpacking through Latin America

In 2013-2014, I did a trip from Mexico to the southern most tip of South America, then back up to Brazil along the East coast.

The view from the hostel window over the mango trees.
The flight from Houston to Puerto Vallarta was quick and easy. Got on a bus from the airport and headed up the coast to Sayulita, a small village that’s “been discovered” already but was a good starting point. The Amazing Hostel was pretty clean and decent. Filled with the usual mix of young and old travellers. There are thousands of mango trees everywhere in Central America, and the ripe mangoes in Sayulita were falling off the trees like hailstones.
This picture, the inaugural shot, was taken by Chris at the Austin bus station. After saying goodbye to him and Karin, I walked up into the reception area eager to get going. But something was a little off - the desk clerk and I were the only two people in the room, and there wasn’t a bus in sight. Because of course, it had already left. At 1:15 ¡de la noche!