Backpacking through Latin America

In 2013-2014, I did a trip from Mexico to the southern most tip of South America, then back up to Brazil along the East coast.

A perfect rainbow.
From Brazil, the views are much better. It’s also possible to get right up in the middle of the falls.
The city of the east, or Ciudad del Este, is Paraguay’s second biggest and a major shopping attraction for Brazilians and Argentines. Paraguay imposes almost no import tax or duties on electronic goods, so it’s possible to buy name brand electronics at just a little more than the price you’d pay in the USA. The city is just over the ‘friendship bridge’ from Foz do Iguaçu. I took a walk over to buy a camera, and was amazed at how many large shopping centers there were.
We took a ride on a powerful speedboat from the base of the river to the falls. Racing up the rapids was a lot of fun on a boat with so much horsepower. At the top, the driver took us right underneath the falls, completely soaking everyone. There was a lot of squealing.
The Argentina side of the Iguazu falls has the Devil’s throat, an incredible roaring pit of water that shoots spray right up above the top, soaking all us tourists.
A crazy storm rolled in from the Atlantic, and once it passed, the sunset was spectacular. Pics snapped with my cellphone camera.
Looks like a city I know.
Took the ferry across to the town of Colonia, where I found a delicious craft brewery, and the first real IPA beer in South America. I’d missed those hops.
A late night tango club with impromptu lessons in Buenos Aires, where the audience was the show.
We didn’t finish the circuit, because the bad weather caused us to lose days. But I think we saw the best of Torres.