Rutgers School Of Law site upgrade
Tech Alley Interactive Rutgers Drupal

While waiting for my Four Kitchens H1-B visa to be processed, I took on some ad-hoc work for my friends Austin & Matt of Alley Interactive in New York.

The contract was to upgrade the Rutgers School Of Law (Newark, New Jersey) website from Drupal 5 to 7. I setup an automated process that treated the upgrade like a migration, so that we could sharpen the process based on feedback and accuracy of the update hooks effects on module data.

It required a lot of careful selection of update versions, going from 5 to 6, then to 7. Updating all the module data in the correct sequence without missing any important schema alterations is critical. The relaunch went ahead without a hitch and all the content looked good in the latest version of Drupal.

Rutgers site screenshot