We were really lucky to have clear weather on the last day, as it was raining the night before and there was a chance we wouldn’t be able to get out onto the Salar.
A hotel made of salt, a necropolis, coral rocks and about ten tornados that we watched form and dissipate from afar.
Searing hot steam pouring out the ground, red lakes, bubbling grey sludge - this is actually the moon.
Flamingos, bathing in the natural springs and the most bizarre scenery in the world.
From Tupiza we set off on a 3 night tour ending at the salt flats. Andrew, Szerdi and I had the back seats of the Toyota Landcruiser, with the cook and driver up front. It was definitely a good choice to pay a little extra to have the car all to ourselves - spending all day in it would be a nightmare without having enough space. Also, we were able to make in-jokes to our heart’s content, without worrying about pissing off other tourists.
Also known as the “World’s most dangerous road”. I found it touristy and overhyped, but still fun. The road itself is a crazy piece of engineering - and to think it once had constant traffic. A new paved road has been built on the other side of the mountains, so only a few cars now take this perilous option. It is dangerous, because the tour agencies will happily take groups of people that have never cycled before.