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If you're a developer who uses the XDebug PHP debugger, you probably already use a Firefox extension called XDebug Helper, which provides a convenient toggle switch for enabling debugging. You probably have Firebug installed too. Here is a method for setting up keyboard shortcuts to toggle them on and off (I use F1 & F2). First, install the keyconfig Firefox extension (unfortunately it doesn't have an official page). Click Tools -> Keyconfig… and you should get the following window:
Versions has finally made it out of beta. It's a very intuitive GUI for managing subversion repositories and working copies. Digital People has been using this application for a while now, and found it to be user friendly and suitable for designers and other non-technical folks who shy away from the command line.
Requirements: basic css, image editing, basic theming The Fivestar module provides a tidy little voting widget that allows users to vote on nodes. It also provides a CCK field of the type “Fivestar Rating”, which can be used to rate a node on multiple criteria. One of my pet projects, Hill Bomb, requires just this functionality. It's a maps-mashup site for downhill riders, for example skateboarders or mountain bikers, to upload details and maps of awesome hills around the world.
SaveTheDevelopers.org places a friendly popup request for IE6 users to upgrade their browsers. By placing a simple conditional comment linking to some JavaScript in your page.tpl.php, visitors using the outdated and buggy IE6 web browser will see a small roll-down on the top of their browsers, “nagging” them to upgrade. After clicking the roll-down, a new browser window opens with links to other recommended browsers: IE6 is a horrible blemish on the web and is the cause of millions of hours of wasted developer time: the sooner we get rid of it, the better.
Here's a small one-line usability fix for all module developers, that I think will be a huge help to users. In the early stages of a project, I'm often playing around with quite a few new modules: testing them, seeing if they meet my requirements, installing and uninstalling. After downloading a module, the sequence of steps is always the same: Copy to /sites/all/modules Enable at /admin/build/modules Configure all exposed settings Use!
If you're using the Devel module while developing with Drupal, you may have enabled the “Switch users” block which is great for troubleshooting and configuring permissions. However, if you accidentally use it while your site is in maintenance mode (offline), then you may notice a problem: it won't let you back to the path /user to log in again. The solution is to use the mysql CLI, phpMyAdmin or the database manager of choice to directly empty the sessions table.