San Gil, Colombia

The national passtime/sport of Colombia is Tejo, which involves throwing heavy discs of lead 15 meters across a room at a clay pit containing packets of gunpowder. When the tejo hits the gunpowder, BOOM! 3 points. The pink triangles in the picture contain the gunpowder. There is also much drinking involved in a regulation game of Tejo. And the locals are good. They’re never further than 20cm from the target, and watching them throw is amazing.
The ultimate downhill mountain biking - professional Kona bikes with full suspension. 45km of downhill off-road racing, and a 4x4 vehicle following behind. An amazing day in San Gil.
A Class 5 rapid, the largest you can get, is defined by Wikipedia as follows: “Whitewater, large waves, continuous rapids, large rocks and hazards, maybe a large drop, precise maneuvering. Often characterized by “must make” moves, i.e. failure to execute a specific maneuver at a specific point may result in serious injury or death. Class 5 is sometimes expanded to Class 5+ that describes the most extreme, runnable rapids (Skill Level: Expert)“
Hanging out in the square after dinner, we were approached by some Colombian film students who wanted us to be the stars of their upcoming feature, alongside such other illustrious extras as the cockroaches and pieces of trash blowing around the park. Elizabeth and I acted out a tearful swinging-hugging-reunion scene, as well as a lying-on-the-grass-holding-hands-staring-at-the-stars scene. ¡Romántico!