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My main project at EnviroVision over the past 6 months, has been developing vision software for integration into our client FAST Video Security’s DVR and NVR systems.

FAST is based in Germany and manufactures advanced digital video recorders. One of their big clients is the Sibaya Casino in Durban!

I’ve developed a plugin in C++ that integrates with the DVR’s APIs, and will be part of the firmware. It allows an operator to setup automated alerts based on changes in the scene - for example (assume these are all malicious acts):

  • Camera is moved away from the position that it should be in
  • Camera focus ring is turned, to blur the image intentionally
  • Camera lens is painted over

We call these events “blind, blur, skew” and have some created sophisticated computer vision algorithms to detect and alert, while minimising false positives. And these have been designed to run well within the bounds of the embedded system’s resource limits.

FAST was later acquired by NICE who continued to sell the video filters.