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Community site for poker players, online league management.

Poker Playa is a site I created with my brother, who ran a large local poker tournament for several years.

The idea was born when he asked me to help create an online base for his poker games, to keep his players up-to-date with the latest news and events. I took it a step further by suggesting I create a full tournament management system, that would allow anyone to manage and run their poker leagues online.

Thus, Poker Playa was born. Site members can create leagues, and thereafter individual tournaments that can be associated with the league and appear on a global events calendar.


It’s not a gambling site, as all poker games take place at physical venues rather than online. The site is merely a management and promotion vehicle that allows players and league managers to maintain their profiles, network with each other and share information.

Players can:

  • Sign up for tournaments
  • Receive email notifications for new posts in their league
  • Maintain a profile page with their friends lists, interests and statistics
  • Interact on the site forums

League owners can:

  • Contact their league members quickly and easily
  • Input the results of their tournaments to have a leaderboard generated automatically
  • Create articles, images and polls to interact with their league members

Poker Playa’s site design and development was done by myself, including graphics, layout and custom programming. The icons were obtained from royalty-free icon stores online. The code is based on the Drupal 5.x branch.

I use a custom module called ’league’ which interacts with the Organic Groups module to allow users to manage their poker leagues. In the near future, I plan on releasing this module back to the Drupal community.

Here are some pictures of the tournament details page, the management interface, and the results and pictures area: