Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu, Day 1 | Peru | 1st November
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19km, from 2900m to 3900m.

The best value-for-money out of the Machu Picchu options is definitely the five day Salkantay trek. It’s not the Inca Trail, but it’s still a spectacular, challenging hike through some of the most amazing and varied terrain, ending at Machu Picchu.

Nine of us set out at 4am on day 1, and we had excellent weather - sunny and bright all day. The glacial mountain was always in view as we wound along the path, eventually arriving at the first camp at it’s base. The cooks made some excellent food (given the circumstances), and it was bed by 7.15pm. We had a great group of like-minded people - majority Canadians, but also some Italians and an American representing.