Latin America

The most massive city I’ve ever seen. From the top of one of the downtown buildings, you can see it sprawling in all directions, a never-ending sea of buildings.
Another day, another trail run. This time 17km to the beach called Dois Rios, which has a deserted prison and town along the coast.
A perfect 2.5km uninhabited beach, accessible only by ferry or trail. I woke up early and ran the steep 7km from town, in order to catch the beach with no tourists. With the hike back, it worked out to a 18km day.
Just off the coast of Rio is the protected island reserve of Ilha Grande. No cars allowed, only accessible by boat and covered in trails leading to perfect beaches.
A video I took of some coatis playing around. It gets quite saucy towards the end.
These little critters look like raccoons, are completely tame and totally without manners. They steal food, raid bins and make sweet love to each other in front of innocent children.